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Job Description

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) will work alongside the police to patrol the local area and deal with minor incidents and offences. They will support and provide assistance to the police and give a visible presence in the area to reassure the general public and help prevent crime.  Other duties could include directing traffic, offering advice on crime prevention, dealing with anti-social behaviour, providing support at events and other large gatherings.

Entry Requirements

A good level of spoken and written English is required and some police forces may ask for English GCSE at grade 4 (C).

Great value is placed on personal attributes and your character, especially:

  • the ability to remain calm when under pressure
  • tolerance & empathy combined with firmness
  • any experience of community work you've done or if you've previously worked as a special constable

Each force has its own selection process which will usually involve:

  • an interview
  • an interactive test to see how you work with other people
  • written tests

If you pass the tests you'll need have a medical assessment and full background security checks.

Required Skills

  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • the ability to make decisions and keep calm in difficult situations
  • good team working abilities
  • flexibility, tolerance and empathy
  • assertiveness and good powers of observation
  • ability to deal with difficult people and situations

Starting Salary

£17,500 to £23,000

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