Job Description

Writers produce works of fiction and non-fiction such as books, poetry, scripts and articles for newspapers and magazines. They will need to develop ideas, research material by using the internet and interviewing people and make sure work is submitted on time to meet deadlines.

Entry Requirements

There are no set requirements.

You’ll need to:

  • be able to come up with ideas that will sell
  • have good research skills
  • be able to express ideas in a style suited to your intended audience

You’ll also need to have confidence in your writing, be able to accept criticism and remain positive.

There are a number of things you can do to develop your skills, find out more about the world of publishing and promote yourself, like:

  • joining a local writers’ group
  • entering writing competitions
  • blogging

You might be able to become a technical writer for industries like engineering or pharmaceuticals if you have the relevant background and qualifications.

A background in journalism could also help you to get into travel or broadcast writing.

You could work in TV or radio as a scriptwriter. BBC Writersroom has information and advice on writing and submitting scripts.

The Arts Council and National Association of Writers’ Groups has more information on writers’ groups.

The Poetry Society and Writers' and Artists has more information on writing competitions.

Writers' and Artists also has industry advice on being a writer and submitting work for publishing or self-publishing, as well as publishing the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, which has information on literary agents, publishers, newspapers and magazines.

Career Path and Progression

You could self-publish, in traditional print format, online or through e-books.

You might be able to promote your work by entering literary competitions, become a book critic or teach creative writing in colleges.

Related careers you may be interested in:

  • Advertising copywriter
  • Advertising account planner
  • Social media manager
  • Magazine journalist

National Government Policy states that all students should have achieved at least a Grade 4 or C Grade in English & Maths at GCSE.  Achieving this minimum grade in these subjects will increase the opportunities open to you, support your future career development and prospects.

Students who do not meet this standard will be supported to continue to study English and Maths through full-time education or an Apprenticeship.

Required Skills

You'll need:

  • creativity
  • good literacy skills
  • the ability to work to deadlines
  • to be good at research
  • self motivated
  • able to work on your own for long periods of time
  • good IT skills
  • to be able to accept and understand criticism
  • excellent communication skills.

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