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Who we are

You might think we’re just another boring insurance firm, but we’re not. We don’t show up for work in pressed suits and shiny shoes. At Aviva, we’re proud to be different. Proud to say that we’re a diverse mix of cultures, genders, ages, perspectives and ideas. We know that people do their best work when they feel relaxed. Empowered to be themselves. It enables us to do more for our clients. And we think it makes this is a very nice place to work.

Insurance. It’s just a load of people in suits saying no. Right?

Wrong. Well, not at Aviva, anyway. We’re people with a purpose. People who get involved to make a difference, who do everything we can today to build a better tomorrow. We think about all the people we support come fire or flood, through natural disasters and life-changing accidents. And those we help with their investments and retirement funds, so they can look forward to a better future.

Everything we do is with the customer in mind – we’re here for every bump in the road, no matter what. We want to make a difference to their lives, and to the world we live in too.

Working at Aviva

Before they get to know us, a lot of people think we’re going to be a stuffy insurance company. Cold and corporate. The reality is very different.

We know that people do their best work when they feel relaxed

In our offices, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We’re not big on dress codes, but we are big on diversity. We value different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. In fact, we actively look for them when hiring. We give our people ownership – a chance for them to have a say in how we run our business. To work here means to be part of something meaningful. To make important decisions that impact lives. To redefine an industry and realise your potential in the process.

We have offices in some of the UK’s most vibrant cities including Norwich.  Take a look at our locations - great places to live and work. 

You do you

At Aviva, we trust our employees to think for themselves. We create a space where everyone feels comfortable speaking up. We all seek out views that oppose our own. We empower each other to think creatively to solve problems, to make crucial decisions. To take on responsibility and make real change. To work in ways that suit us.

So we’ve introduced Smart Working to give our people and their leaders guidance on how and where they work. The framework includes five Smart Working profiles based on the type of role they do, what work is involved in it and therefore how often, and why, a colleague might need to be in the office and the facilities and technology they need to do their job in order to achieve the best outcomes.

In other words, when you work for us, you’re in control.


Gain professional qualifications while learning on the job and earning a proper salary - our programmes offer the perfect way to launch an exciting new career!

In short, our apprenticeships are a brilliant mix of real-life experience and study. Spending part of your time working and learning on the job, and the rest studying for professional qualifications (paid for by us), an Aviva apprenticeship offers a perfect step into a new career.

If you’re curious and passionate about what tech can do, we have a whole host of technology apprentice roles that might suit you. And you don’t need to have studied a technology subject or worked in tech to join us. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

But who better to give you the low-down on what life as an Aviva apprentice is like, than the people who have been there and done it for themselves? Come and meet some of our apprentices on our careers site.

Our apprentices are permanent right from day one. When your apprenticeship comes to an end, you’ll have professional qualifications relevant to your role, which you can continue to build on.


With a variety of roles and opportunities at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can achieve on an Aviva Graduate programme. All our programmes offer outstanding training, varied experiences and pretty spectacular career development opportunities. Plus the chance to influence the future of our business, of course.

Are you ready to see where your strengths can take you? To be empowered to do great work and shape what Aviva does with technology? 

Having a passion for maths will serve you well on this programme. And you’ll use your skills to supply the science that supports all kinds of important business decisions. 

This programme is less number crunching, more problem solving and strategy developing, as we’ll be preparing you to have a big say in the decisions our business makes going forward.

Leadership Programme
Here’s where our future leaders come from. Here’s where our future leaders are made. You’ll learn all about Aviva and get the tools you need to be ready to shape our future, and your own.

All programmes usually open in early October. They may have differing close dates though, so we recommend you check the individual programme pages for more details. 

Each of our programmes has their own entry criteria, and these are listed on the information pages specific to each programme, but in general you will need:

  • to already hold, or be on track to graduate with a degree this year. For our Graduate Accountancy, Leadership and Technology Programmes your degree can be in any discipline. For our Actuarial programme though we do ask that applicants have a STEM related degree
  • to be able to commit to full-time employment in September 2022

For full information including FAQs, please visit the graduate pages on our careers site.


Of course, you can browse our general vacancies at any time on our careers site.

Different roles have slightly different processes that happen after you've applied.  Most importantly we want to help everyone who applies to be able to show us who they are (we’re big on individuality), and what they can do. Click here for a few pointers on the specifics.

If we can help to make the process smoother for you with any additional support or reasonable adjustments, please let us know by contacting us on 0121 234 7609 or emailing myrecruitment@aviva.com

We interview every disabled applicant who has the essential skills and experience for the job. After you’ve applied, email us to tell us you have a disclosed disability and we’ll take care of the rest.


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