Breakout Long Melford

Breakout, 10 Little St Mary’s, Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 9LB

About Us

Breakout is a company based in Long Melford, Suffolk.  We have dedicated our business to help people in their personal lives and in their business, from printing, training, IT support and life admin.  Predominately a coworking space and business support centre Breakout puts their clients and customers first.

What is Breakout?
The brain child of Farley and business partners, a not so virtual assistant and all around admin guru. 

What do we do?
As well as business clients, we also look after our community, from printing, computer support to general admin. 

Why are we here?
Following Covid, we sensed a need for a space to allow people to get away from home working and for lone workers to feel part of a team.

Our Services

  • Printing, Laminating, Scanning
    If you don't have a printer or the ink has dried up, you can print here from any device.
  • Life Admin
    Need a form filling in? Getting a passport? Driving licence? Struggle online? Just pop in and we will help.
  • Need somewhere to work?
    We have PC's, desks and free WIFI to do your own life admin or printing.
  • Computer Support
    Our resident IT Nerd is a whiz with all things tech from support and advice to fixing computers, laptops and more.
  • Training Courses
    We regularly have training courses to help you get the career you want. From CV's to spreadsheets to much much more!
  • Recycling help
    A useful guide on what to recycle and where to put it. We can take all things business related however check here to find out where else items can go.
  • Our little black book
    As we meet people in our industry we become friends with a variety of businesses. Looking for a tradesperson? We can help with that too.


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