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About Us

From cupboard under the stairs to one of Europe’s largest CMOs.

When John Pratt built the world’s first glucose blood monitor back in 1985, orders flooded in from his first client, a large healthcare company. Could he build many more – and quickly – they asked? Of course he could. There was just one challenge; John couldn’t secure a manufacturing premises within the client’s deadline.

Not one to let a small detail like that stop the process, John hired staff and had them work on assembly lines in the upstairs bedrooms of his home, while he moved his head office into the only remaining space in the house – the cupboard under the stairs.


We build technology to enhance lives. But we’re not just talking about the lives of the end user. We’re committed to enhancing the lives of everyone we serve, work with, buy from, and interact with.

Clients feel this commitment from the moment they connect with us. 

World Class People
Anyone can learn a skill, but what makes a team deliver world-class manufacturing? Passion. 

At Cogent Technology, we continually invest in the competencies of our team members, and have a full-time qualified trainer to ensure that all manufacturing staff  receive on-going training to the IPC-A-610 standard for electronics assembly. Each person has their own ‘skills matrix’ to record and foster the development of their competencies.

We also develop our staff through internal promotion to opportunities that best suit their own skills, talents and passions, and ensure that every team member is valued and heard. 


  • Medical
    When it comes to medical devices, we know that only world-class will do. As a specialist in the manufacture of life-enhancing devices, we have the supply chain, experience, regulatory expertise and facilities to bring your vision to life with grace and ease, so that you can get on with what you do best; enhancing lives.
  • GreenTech
    Engineering has always shaped the world around us. We believe it should be a force for good and to fit our ethos of Building Technology to Enhance lives, Cogent Technology has included in its strategy a commitment to support Green Tech projects, whether it be in aid of emission free transport, energy efficiency and generation or the monitoring and prevention of pollution.
  • Specialist Sectors
    Cogent Technology has over 30 years experience working with a broad spectrum of organisations from varying industries including telecoms, diagnostics, security, industrial, instrumentation and control.


Nurturing talent to world-class standards

At Cogent Technology, we know that the most valuable asset in any business is its people. And as a fast-growing company with extraordinary vision, you can rest assured that we invest heavily finding and nurturing world-class talent. 

Our staff feel it in the career progression we offer, the training we deliver, and the 4-day work week we established in order to give them more quality personal time.

For more information or to view our latest vacancies visit: 

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