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Manufacturing involves transforming goods, materials, or substance into new products.

The items output by our manufacturing industry are numerous and varied, with raw materials processed into products that often fall within the categories of food and drink, chemicals, rubber, plastics and non-metallic materials, metals, electronics, machinery, and transport.

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  • In the East of England there are 234,000 people employed in Manufacturing
  • £191 billion of outputs accounts for the UK's manufacturing sector
  • The UK's manufacturing sector average wages is 13% higher than the rest of the economy

Useful subjects:

Maths • Design and Technology • Science• ICT • English • Physics

Job Ideas for this Industry

• Agricultural Engineer • Quality Control Technician • Motor Mechanic • Production manager • Manufacturing Systems Engineer • CAD Technician • Production worker Manufacturing supervisorAerospace Engineer (For more, check out the Job Areas below)

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Did You Know?
Sudbury is the silk capital of the UK. In the Middles Ages Sudbury grew very wealthy thanks to a wool trade that swept across the nation. The small town still benefits from the textile trade and has four working mills which manufactures 110 metric tonnes of Chinese silk every year and even silk for a Royal residence.

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