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Manufacturing in the UK employs 2.6 million people and is often concerned with large scale production utilising equipment, tools and machines, chemical processes, and of course, human labour.

The items output by our manufacturing industry are numerous and varied, with raw materials processed into products that often fall within the categories of food and drink, chemicals, rubber, plastics and non-metallic materials, metals, electronics, machinery and transport.

In addition to general production lines supplying merchandise and equipment to industry and the retail sector, Advanced Manufacturing is a rapidly expanding sector delivering high-tech solutions and technically precise systems to a world eager for new technologies, whilst there is also growing interest in smaller-scale bespoke handicrafts and custom made goods for retail where on-line sales are booming.

If you like the idea of making things for people to use or enjoy, manufacturing could be the industry for you whether that be in design, production or delivery.

Did You Know?
The UK is currently the world's ninth largest industrial nation, manufacturing makes up 10% of GVA and 45% of UK exports, and directly employs 2.7 million people.

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