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Advanced Manufacturing incorporates high-tech or cutting-edge production processes as well as the output of highly technical and difficult to produce products.

The sector is growing as the modern world becomes more reliant on precise electronic systems and smart materials, with AM operations in the UK currently including work on space technologies.

Where general production lines in the traditional sense are based on large-scale production and long-proven, economical methods to deliver their output, Advanced Manufacturing operations often incorporate recent and ‘cutting-edge’ technologies designed either to substantially increase volume or the quality of output, or to facilitate the manufacture of precision products that are required to be extremely accurate, precise in nature or those that require intricate assembly.

Careers in this sector can include Computer Aided Design (CAD), Reverse Engineering, Enhanced Prototyping, Simulations, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), or interaction with Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment, Robotics, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and other automated machinery as well as research and development.

Advanced Manufacturing is about smart solutions and problem solving. If you want to see and be part of the future, this is the sector for you.

Did You Know?
Sudbury is the silk capital of the UK. In the Middles Ages Sudbury grew very wealthy thanks to a wool trade that swept across the nation. The small town still benefits from the textile trade and has four working mills which manufactures 110 metric tonnes of Chinese silk every year and even silk for a Royal residence.

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