Crown House, Crown St, Ipswich, IP1 3HS

About Us

We design and develop trailblazing technology for Microgaming, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of online gaming.

With over ten years of experience under our belts, we’ve created a thriving collaborative environment in which exceptional people are empowered to deliver the very best software of their careers. Here, our teams of highly innovative and technical devs are at ease with building scalable distributed systems with rich and complex responsive web and native front-ends. We believe in nurturing and expanding our wealth of knowledge and experience in technology, which means we’re usually already live with technology our competitors are only reading about.

In recent years, the foundation of our operation has sat on the bleeding edge of the Microsoft stack, and through Microgaming we supply world-class, industry-leading products to the sports betting industry. Teamwork remains vital to our success and we know that together we can achieve anything.

Our people

At Derivco, teamwork makes the dream work. There’s enough brain power here to fire a nuclear substation, and by putting our minds together there is nothing we can’t achieve. We’re the dev house that every developer wants to work for, so if you think you’ve got game, we want you. At Derivco Ipswich, our people maintain our family like culture and that’s what makes us different. We offer a great range of benefits to enable staff to maintain a healthy work life balance, offering lots of support along the way too.

We are based in Ipswich a quant old town in Suffolk, surrounded by beautiful countryside but with all amenities closeby in the town centre. If you’re looking for a change from the city and sky high cost of living but still want to be part of a major global group offering competitive salaries – we might just be for you!

Our people are...

Curiosity is the spark that fires the engine of creation. We query, we question, we poke and pry. We’re passionate about finding out what we don’t know.

We go against the grain. We prove people wrong. We don’t follow the rules, and we love pushing the envelope. We’re ambitious and we have BIG plans.

No other industry advances as rapidly as ours. To stay at the top of our game, we have to evolve as quickly as the technology we work with.

We know WHAT to do just as well as we know what NOT to do. This makes us the experts in our field.

...Obsessive about quality
It’s all in the details, and we make sure we look at those with a magnifying glass. After all, why settle for something good when it can be great?

...Open to change
They say change is as good as a holiday, which must mean we go on holiday a lot. To move forward, we embrace change like it’s our long-lost family member.

Find out more!

To find out more about what we do and what we could offer you, follow us here on icanbea... and use the links provided to our website.

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