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Hello! I’m so lucky you stopped by! Do you believe in serendipity? I certainly do and that is what I believe brought us together! My name is Debbie Kilburn and I’m on a mission to empower you to connect with your inner you and release your inner magical healing powers to achieve naturally glowing healthy skin and a greater sense of wellbeing so you can look good and feel good!

My fascination with the human body and all things health and wellbeing began way back in my childhood when I would take the family medical encyclopaedia as bedtime reading! I continued my love of anatomy and physiology at school studying GCE biology and ever since then I began on a journey of discovery into many areas such as fitness, nutrition and healing therapies. I accidentally stumbled across my first healing passion for foot reflexology back in 1996 when by chance my friend booked me in with an amazing lady for a foot reflexology treatment. I definitely wasn’t looking for it but I will never forget that day as it changed my life forever! I came out of the treatment room a born again reflexologist!

Since then I have embarked on my own journey of discovery which has led me to learn many different healing techniques to help and empower not only my clients and my family but more importantly through developing my own selfcare techniques to enhance my own health and wellbeing using reflexology of face, hands and Gua Sha! There are so many healing possibilities within the human body and I believe so many of the traditional ancient healing techniques are yet to be discovered, and together with the amazing developments in modern medicine its such an exciting time to be alive! So let’s get glowing!

    Unleashing the power of ancient healing wisdom into the modern world so that everyone can enjoy the gift of looking good and feeling good naturally through reflexology for the face hands and feet and Gua Sha at home or in the treatment room together with amazing natural Tropic Skincare products and gorgeous crystal Gua Sha tools!

    Supercharge your skincare, health and wellbeing at home with your own self care crystal Gua Sha tools! Whatever your skincare or healthcare concerns let me advise and empower you using personalised Reflexology and Gua Sha techniques for your face and body to achieve optimum results from the inside out!

    Connect with your inner radiance through the face using amazing stress relieving massage and manipulation techniques and the cool healing power of crystal Gua Sha tools to heal and balance your skin and body from the inside out!


Debbie is a soul trader working with Youth Pledge For Employers to help young people understand everything that's involved in her role. This includes how to get into the Health & Beauty industry and this role specifically. Debbie will also provide information and advice on what you'll need to be able to train in.

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