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Hadleigh Market, Market Place, Hadleigh, IP7 5DN

About Us

We are a mobile zero waste, refillable initiative offering store cupboard foods, eco friendly household liquid & powder detergents, bodycare products, reusable containers & ecoswap alternatives for items around the home.

My journey started when my eldest (now a high schooler) was young and I realised the impact of my (our) footprint on mother earth. It wasn't until 2015 when our little family moved to Layham in Suffolk that I really started trying to reduce plastic waste in the home. I found it increasingly difficult to shop in the major food supermarkets here in the UK, without purchasing useless plastic - particularly fruit & veg. 

Then I started shopping seasonally from roadside stalls and I was hooked on eating locally, seasonally and was jumping for joy that it helped reduce our plastic waste. So with that positive change under my belt it was time to look at what else I was purchasing. I started buying items in bulk once a month or every few months and felt better that I wasn't using so much plastic. But then I was left with 5L plastic containers and that still didn't sit well with me.

A friend told me about a refill shop in Essex so I began putting my containers aside with the intention to refill but I couldn't justify the hour round trip to refill and so got to thinking that maybe I could be a refill option locally. It would save me having to travel and I might just be able to spread the word about saying no to single use plastic and before I knew it Love Refills was born!

We all have so many containers that are suitable to be refilled again and again, don't throw them in the recycling bin (its not the answer!!! - I'll leave that conversation for another day), try a refill near you - I promise you'll feel awesome knowing you've made a difference. And once you've made one change the next and next and next change happens before you've realised it. Can you imagine if you and everyone you know and everyone THEY know did the same?! Mother Earth would breathe that bit easier.


Working for Love Refills mobile eco shop is different everyday! New and regular customers keep you on your toes with their refill needs. Its a small space and everything has a place, you quickly work out where to find what you're looking for. It can be super busy, messy with spills or calm and able to have a proper chat with the customers. The refills van goes out in all weather, all year round so a love of the outdoors will help.

For more information or to get in touch visit: 

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