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The Sales and Retail Industry employs a large amount of people in the UK.

Sales jobs can be found across many different industries including insurance, finance, manufacturing, retail, agricultural, pharmaceuticals and many more. You could be selling loans, credit cards, houses, cars, insurance, industrial equipment, lawn mowers to name a few.

Selling can be split into the following categories:

  • Retail - Sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities
  • Telesales - A service that sells products or services directly to customers by telephone.
  • Business to Business - Sales made between two businesses such as a manufacturer and a wholesaler or wholesaler and a retailer.
  • Export Sales - Selling goods and services that are to be shipped out of the country

A sales career can offer high rewards but can be very challenging, often working under pressure to meet targets. It is also very competitive, many companies will offer a basic salary plus commission which could be based on meeting the set targets.

If you are confident, optimistic, you have empathy with others, you love speaking to people and you want an exciting, dynamic career with the potential for high earnings, a career in sales could be for you.

Have a look at the different sectors below to see what options are out there for you.

Did You Know?
When customers visited the UK’s first supermarkets they were afraid to pick up goods in case they were told off.

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