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Creative Projection Specialists

There is no finer team of experts to turn to for your projection mapping needs. Our history of working in this field with many high-profile brands speaks for itself.  With projection mapping we can bring any surface to life as well as create out of home campaigns with projected images on the Houses of Parliament, Light up Stonehenge or even a Castle!

We can bring any surface to life

Three-dimensional projection mapping means being able to bring any inanimate object to virtual life. In the past, projecting onto anything other than flat surfaces meant getting unwanted distortions and stretched sections of the image. That’s no longer the case with stills and video projections which look great from any angle on any surface. We have the know-how to project onto anything!

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping technology allows any surface to be projected onto with moving graphics and animations without the need for it to be flat. Traditional projections require a flat surface so that the images can be seen clearly. However, when the relevant surfaces are mapped, this clever technology is able to adjust the projection so that the whole thing looks smooth and realistic. This means that whatever you want to be projected can be projected and, even better, it can be projected onto just about anything you can imagine.

Take a look at the neo-Gothic structures that are on the side of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, for example. Our expertise with projection mapping meant that almost the entire side of the Palace of Westminster could be projected onto without any discernible disruption to the image as viewed from the Thames. However, it is not just building facades with uneven or decorative surfaces that can benefit from this sort of treatment. In the past, we have illuminated Stonehenge with funky graphics that match the contours of its famous stones. We have even projection-mapped a cylindrical wedding cake before and been able to decorate it with nothing more than projected light and illuminated graphics.

Careers at Motion Mapping

Motion Mapping turns ideas into reality.  We are an experienced and professional organisation specialising in projection mapping using the latest technology whether it be for light shows for special events, promoting a brand or simply creating a wow factor for marketing campaigns. We work with high-profile businesses around the globe to create immersive, interactive and innovative experiences that get people talking, sharing and thinking.

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