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From the soil to our health; Norwich Research Park’s vision is to change lives and rethink society through pioneering research and innovation, reframing the future of research and delivering regional growth.

Norwich Research Park consists of the University of East Anglia, The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and four world class science research institutes: the John Innes Centre, The Earlham Institute, The Quadram Institute and the Sainsbury Laboratory and over 150 businesses. When we are made aware of new roles at our partners or business members suitable for young applicants we will make them available here!

Norwich Research Park is home to a wealth of world class research. Its 3,000 scientists and clinicians work in some of the areas of greatest importance to society today, food and health. The unique mix that blends a major university teaching hospital with a leading university and internationally important Research Institutes provides an unbroken chain, each part aiding the progression of another, where our people are gaining new knowledge of soil, plants, therapeutics and diagnostics, food, nutrition, health and healthy ageing, all underpinned by world leading genomics.

Norwich Research Park will be an inspirational place to work; where the world will look, not only for answers to global challenges, but also to learn from our success at creating a true research and innovation community, where organisations and people flourish and grow, in an environment that breeds and nurtures creativity and wellbeing.  Pioneering research, adventurous innovation, enterprising entrepreneurship and accelerated commercialisation will always be at the heart of our work, but we will also work with the community around us, its schools and its colleges, providing learning opportunities, jobs and local growth. Changing lives and rethinking society.

By 2030 we will: 

  • be globally recognised as a world leading research & innovation community
  • see a rich tapestry of companies aspiring to become a part of that world leading research and innovation community
  • deliver inward investment and deliver regional growth
  • have established synergistic relationships with relevant organisations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and particularly have matured a new Norwich/Cambridge partnership where each complements the other.
  • have established a best in class cross park business accelerator, whose graduates are investor ready
  • have created a physical environment that inspires its people, where open space and high-quality architecture together define our park, creativity is nurtured and wellbeing and community are fostered  
  • have a well-established learning programme in partnership with local educational establishments to help build a bright future for the young people of our wider community


Across all of our partners and the huge number of businesses on the Park there are always vacancies! Keep an eye on our profile page and theirs to ensure you stay up to date on all available opportunities!


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