Biotech covers a wide range of scientific study into living organisms and can be applied to health, medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and the food industry. The Biotech industry is involved in scientific research, development and advanced technology which makes for some very exciting and rewarding careers.

With people living longer and an increase in diseases/viruses, this is an industry where you could make a real difference to people's lives.

Take a look at the various links and job roles below to see what could be in store for you. 

  • Biotech is a fast growing sector in the UK and is expected to employ increasing numbers of people over the next few years especially in the East of England.
  • Higher level apprenticeships in Life Sciences means there is an alternative route into the sector other than university, however STEM qualifications are still very important and will open more doors.
  • Norwich Research Park is home to one of the largest clusters of food, health, plant and environmental science organisations in the world!

Useful Subjects

Maths • Biology • Physics • English • ICT • Science • Business Studies • Design & Technology • Pschology

Job Ideas for this Industry

Laboratory TechnicianVirologist •  Toxicologist • Research Scientist • Plant Geneticist Pharmacist • Hematologist Forensic Scientist

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