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Animal and Crop Science is all about producing abundant, safe and sustainable food by using research and development techniques to ensure yields are maximised and disease and pests are kept to a minimum.

This could be controlling weeds, inventing new pest control drugs, experimenting with new techniques, developing new food crops and technologies also controlling the effects of adverse environmental effects and working to improve the welfare and productivity of farm animals to ensure high quality meat and dairy products.

Norfolk's John Innes Centre researches how we can meet the future food demand, issues of failing crops as well as many more issues that impact the global food and crop industry.

If you want to make a difference in developing new technologies which will help feed an ever growing global population then this industry could be for you! For further information on your next steps in this sector, take a look at the various companies and links on this page.

Did You Know?
Suffolk’s biotech industry employs approximately 3000 people and consists of 36 biotech companies.

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