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Job Description

Librarians will organise and manage collections of books, journals, magazines and electronic documents, this could be in a public library, a school, college or university or sometimes in large companies or organisations. Duties can vary depending on the size of the library but could include, cataloging stock using IT systems, dealing with enquiries, helping library user to find what they are looking for and setting up reading groups and other activities.

Entry Requirements

You could get into this career through University or a work based route


You could study for a degree in librarianship or information management accredited by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

If you've a degree in another subject, you could:

  • take a postgraduate qualification in librarianship or information management
  • join a graduate training scheme run by an employer or CILIP

You will usually need 2 to 3 A levels or equivalent for a degree

You’ll usually need some practical experience which you could get during your first degree, or by volunteering afterwards.

Work based route

If you're working as a library assistant or have a job with an information service, you could apply for Certification through CILIP. You could then work your way up by taking further qualifications.

Further Information

You’ll need clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

You can find further information about becoming a librarian from the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

Career Path and Progression

You could move into a senior job as a manager. Another option is to take responsibility for a specialist service or collection.

If you hold a senior position in your organisation, you could apply for professional registration of CILIP.

Related careers you may be interested in:

  • Archivist
  • Bookseller
  • Indexer
  • Information scientist
  • Library assistant

Although you may be able to get into this role without formal qualifications, we highly recommend that you try to achieve at least a grade 4 (C) in English & Maths. Achieving this minimum grade in these subject will increase opportunities in the future and help with your career development and prospects.

If you don't achieve the minimum grades, you will be supported to continue to study English and Maths throughout your full-time education or an apprenticeship.

Required Skills

  • Good customer service skills
  • Very good organisational skills
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Good computer skills
  • Able to supervise others
  • Good research skills
  • The ability to think analytically to develop new or revised systems or procedures
  • Patience when dealing with customer requests

Salary Range

£18,500 to £42,000

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