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Job Description

A Cardiologist deals specifically with heart conditions diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart and the blood vessels. Will be dealing with a range of patients from babies, young children to elderly. 

Entry Requirements

To become a Cardiologist, you will need to have completed a

  • degree in medicine recognised by the General Medical Council,
  • two-year foundation programme which specialises in cardiology
  • complete a 2 year general medical training or three year ACCS programme 
  • then to go from a trainee to a consultant you will need to complete your high speciality training (ST3). 

More information on hospital doctor qualifications and training. 

Career Path and Progression

  • Senior cardiologist 
  • Leadership/management roles in a speciality 
  • Academic cardiologist 

National Government Policy states that all students should have achieved at least a Grade 4 or C Grade in English & Maths at GCSE.  Achieving this minimum grade in these subjects will increase the opportunities open to you, support your future career development and prospects.

Students who do not meet this standard will be supported to continue to study English and Maths through full-time education or an Apprenticeship.

Required Skills

  • Excellent communication skills,
  • the ability to work well in a team
  • good problem solving abilities
  • able to work well under pressure
  • an interest in effective medical therapies
  • the ability to react quickly and make decisions

Starting Salary

£22,000 to £30,000

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