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Job Description

A Care Home Manager will oversee the day to day management of a care home making sure that the residents receive a good standard of care, they will ensure that their staff are all fully trained, co-ordinate medical care and provide support for the residents, they will also be responsible for managing budgets and ensuring that the quality of the services provided meets national care standards.

Entry Requirements

A relevant qualification in nursing, social work, health and social care or management will be an advantage but it is also possible to work your way up into a management position by starting as a social care apprentice.

Required Skills

Strong leadership and motivational skills, good communication and people skills, empathy, patience and sensitivity, a good knowledge of legislation, local services and resources, good observational skills, physical and mental stamina, the ability to build good relationships with the patients and their families.

Starting Salary

£25,000 to £40,000

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