Job Description

Nurses work with other professionals to provide care and assistance to patients. This could be in an hospital, health centre, hospice, care home or in their own home. They will administer medicines, treatments and therapies, provide pre and post operation care, take samples, pulses, blood pressure amongst many other duties. Nurses normally work a regular number of hours but this would include evenings, night and weekend shifts.

Entry Requirements

To qualify as a nurse you need to complete a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) approved degree in nursing. To do the degree you will need at least five GCSE's (A-C) including maths, English and a science and two A levels including a science or health related subject. Nursing degree apprenticeships are due to be available from September 2017.

Required Skills

  • A caring and empathetic nature
  • A natural compassion to provide support to suffering patients
  • The ability to keep calm in stressful situations
  • Good communication skills 
  • The ability to deal with people from different backgrounds
  • A good sense of humour
  • Physical and mental strength

Starting Salary

£21,000 to £28,000

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