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Job Description

Receptionists normally provide the first point contact and information for customers or members of the public who contact or visit an organisation.

This involves dealing with a variety of enquiries on the phone, face to face and by email.  A receptionist will be required to keep up to date with the organisation's activities, news and operations in order to provide the most up to date and relevant information to clients or the public.  Receptionists often provide a good deal of resource towards general administration, clerical duties and day to day activities for an organisation and may act as a liaison between the employing organisation and service providers, for example  - arranging maintenance or cleaning services.

A receptionist often occupies a front desk or 'font of house' style position in premises rather than residing in a specific office. 

Entry Requirements

Many receptionists come in to the role through having previous similar experience in customer facing and/or clerical roles or a successful work experience placement.  There are apprenticeship schemes available for this role too.

Required Skills

  • friendly and polite manner
  • good organisation
  • good team player abilities
  • ability to keep calm when dealing with difficult queries
  • self motivation
  • good IT skills

Starting Salary

£12,000 to £25,000

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