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Stonemasons will carve blocks of either artificial or natural stone for sculptures, memorials, grave stones and other stone artefacts. They use a variety of both hand tools and machinery to shape pieces of rock into accurate shapes for building or decoration. 

stone mason

Entry Requirements

There are no set entry requirements, but employers usually look for some on-site experience. 

You could take a college course which would give you some of the skills needed.  Relevant courses include:

  • Level 1 Certificate in Construction Skills
  • Level 2 Diploma in Stonemasonry

You may need:

  • 2 or fewer GCSEs at grades 3 to 1 (D to G), or equivalent, for a level 1 course
  • 2 or more GCSEs at grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or equivalent, for a level 2 course

The following colleges may have relevant courses

Work based route

You could start as a construction labourer and take further training with your employer to get a qualification in stonemasonry.

Further Information

You must hold a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card to work on a building site, and you may need a driving licence.

The Conference on Training in Architectural Conservation and National Heritage Training Group have more information on stonemasonry and other craft courses.

Stone Federation also has more information on becoming a stonemason.

You’ll need to be physically fit. You may need a good head for heights for some jobs.

Career Path and Progression

With experience, you could progress to supervisory jobs like site supervisor or clerk of works.

You could also move into a related area, like estimating and construction management.

With further training, you could work as a stonemason or bricklaying instructor at a college or training centre.

You could also set up your own stonemasonry business.

Related careers you may be interested in:

  • Bricklayer
  • Carpenter
  • Conservator
  • Construction labourer

Although you may be able to get into this role without formal qualifications, we highly recommend that you try to achieve at least a grade 4 (C) in English & Maths. Achieving this minimum grade in these subject will increase opportunities in the future and help with your career development and prospects.

If you don't achieve the minimum grades, you will be supported to continue to study English and Maths throughout your full-time education or an apprenticeship.

Required Skills

  • ability to follow architectural drawings and plans
  • attention to detail
  • good hand eye co-ordination
  • good mathematics skills for accurately measuring areas
  • an awareness of health and safety issues and regulations
  • creativity
  • persistence and determination

Salary Range

£15,000 to £35,000

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