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Job Description

Someone in this role adds news and events information to the company's website as well as updating the site with new information and fixing any issues with current content.

Entry Requirements

There are no set requirements. You could start this career with a background in journalism, marketing or IT, or with business experience.

You’ll usually need experience of writing content, although not necessarily online. You could gain this by:

  • blogging or writing on social media
  • writing marketing materials or newsletters
  • volunteering for a student newspaper, charity or community group

Knowledge of web design, desktop publishing and photo editing will be useful. A portfolio of work to show employers would also be helpful.

You could also take a course that would teach you some of the skills needed for producing web content, like journalism, publishing, media and communications, or PR and marketing.

Career Path and Progression

You could progress into information management, search engine optimisation (SEO), technical web development or wider information planning and policy roles.

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National Government Policy states that all students should have achieved at least a Grade 4 or C Grade in English & Maths at GCSE.  Achieving this minimum grade in these subjects will increase the opportunities open to you, support your future career development and prospects.

Students who do not meet this standard will be supported to continue to study English and Maths through full-time education or an Apprenticeship.

Required Skills

Good organisational skills with the ability to meet deadlines, creativity, the ability to write for a target audience, attention to detail, the ability to research, good negotiation skills.

Starting Salary

£25,000 to £55,000

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