Job Description

A Welder will cut and join sections of metal, alloys or other materials using specialist welding methods.  This could be in a factory, service plant or on a construction site or offshore platforms. The job of a Welder involves working with metals, copper, brass, pipes, steel, iron and any material that is required to be melted, heated, or fused.

Entry Requirements

Usually you must pass competency tests for the type of welding work you're involved in, in order to demonstrate that your work meets welding 'codes'. (standards)

This job could be accessible through an apprenticeship, whereupon you could then apply for jobs as a trainee welder. 

Required Skills

For this role you'll need:

  • the ability to follow instructions and drawings
  • good health and safety awareness
  • good hand to eye co-ordination
  • the ability to work accurately
  • good numerical skills
  • the ability to solve problems

Starting Salary

£16,000 to £35,000

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