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Job Description

Youth Workers will support and empower young people often from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them improve their personal and social development. They will organise activities, give advice, run drop-in centres and may act as a mentor or counsellor.

Entry Requirements

To become a fully qualified youth worker you will need a professional level youth worker qualification recognised by the National Youth Agency (NYA). This can be obtained either by working as a part time youth support worker and taking appropriate qualifications to go onto your qualification or taking GCSE's and A levels or starting out as an apprentice and then taking a work based qualification as an entry point to a higher qualification.

Required Skills

You will need:

  • Excellent communication
  • interpersonal and listening skills
  • creativity
  • the ability to earn trust and build good relationships
  • to be able to work closely with other professionals such as police, teachers, social workers
  • a non-judgmental attitude
  • patience and understanding
  • enthusiasm and motivation
  • strong self-management skills

Starting Salary

£19,000 to £23,000

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