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Civil Servants are employed by the Crown but not by the Monarch herself, they support the Government in power and are accountable to but not employed by Parliament.

The Civil Service in the UK does not include all public sector employees such as police officers, armed forces, members of the NHS, local government officials and the staff of the British Royal Family. In fact only 1 in 12 UK public servants are classed as civil servants.

The UK Civil Service is made up of various departments and agencies which impartially work with the government to implement policies and laws which impact directly upon the lives of people living in the UK. Their job is to make sure that public services are maintained and kept in order no matter which political party is in power.

Departments within the Civil Service include HM Passport Office, Public Health England, DVLA, Companies House, Border Control, DEFRA to name but a few. Each department has a diverse range of job roles ranging from entry level administrative work through to government advisors.

Graduates can apply for the Civil Service Fast Stream scheme which will prepare them for a career at the highest level of the Civil Service in a short space of time

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Did You Know?
The duty of Civil Servants is to serve their Minister; they remain anonymous and politically impartial. Ministers alone are responsible to Parliament, and are accountable for all decisions made by their departments.

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