About the Funeral Services Sector

A career in the the funeral service is often viewed as a vocation due to the unique skills and attitude that someone working in the sector needs in order assist the bereaved.

A varied skill-set and a real inclination to provide guidance and assistance is required, so working in the funeral service is not for every one. However, for the right candidates it offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Roles within the funeral service include:

  • funeral assistant/operative
  • driver/bearer
  • embalmer
  • funeral administrator/arranger
  • funeral director 

Is it for me?

Often a difficult and traumatic time for friends and family members of a deceased loved one, the funeral, arrangements and related services need be treated with sensitivity. In addition, there are many cultural differences in how people deal with death, which must be taken into account and observed.

If you want a career in Funeral services you have to be able to put your own feelings aside so that you can fully support the relatives and friends of the deceased in wide ranging capacities.

Further information about the personal qualities and qualifications you may require can be found under the Career Path links on the lower right of this page.

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