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Activity 1: Jobs in the sector
15 mins if brainstorming or 45 mins if creating a picture board/word cloud
Age group:
Key Stage 3, 4
Gatsby Benchmark:
CDI Learning outcomes:
1, 4, 7

Activity 2: Research Task
1 hour + time for presentation. The research could be completed over a series of tutor periods, a discrete lesson or for homework. You will
need to check if the school has the technology to produce podcasts/ webinars.
Age group:
From Year 8
Gatsby Benchmark:
CDI Learning Outcomes:
3, 4, 5, 7, 14

Activity 3 : Land Development Challenge
2 -3 hours
Gatsby Benchmarks:
2, 4 (Geography, Citizenship, PHSE, English) and 5
CDI Learning Outcomes:
3, 5, 6

Resources & Outcomes: See the 'Teacher Notes for Activities 1-3' document


Lesson Summary: (This appears as the introduction on the student version of this page)

The construction sector is very important to the Suffolk economy and comprises a wide range of products, services and technologies.  It is a sector which has a wide range of roles and sees entrants at all educational levels.  For the local area CITB forecast that the most requested skills over the next five years will be, Electricians and installers, Plumbers and HVAC tradespeople, Painters and Decorators, Logistics, and Bricklayers.

The sector is likely to be driven by large scale projects such as Sizewell C and local development schemes in housing and industrial/commercial sites.

Companies in this sector operating across Suffolk are:

Morgan Sindall, Skanska, Tarmac, Kier, Breheny, Barnes ConstructionRICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), and COIB (Chartered Institute of Building) to name but a few.

The Construction Industry is forecast to be the fastest growing sector to 2036, with a growth of 7,400 (+48%). This sector is distributed fairly evenly across the four local authorities.

  • This lesson consists of three activities which you should work through with guidance from your teacher and any supporting documents provided
  • The Activities themselves are directly below in the Activities > Activity Documents section
  • Any further critical information or worksheets that you may need are included in the Lesson Resources > Supporting Documents section   
  • A selection of other resources are also included to help you expand your knowledge of the construction sector and the careers opportunities it offers
  • Don't forget that icanbea... has information about the Construction & Maintenance sector and the local organisations that operate within it


If you want to send this lesson to your students, you should point them to the Student Version of this page which omits the teacher notes: https://www.icanbea.org.uk/app/my-page/templates/38/

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