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Activity 1: – Insights into industry
Time: 5-10 mins for both steps 1 & 2, 20 mins for the diamond 9 activity
Resources: Sector cards and ‘Diamond nine’ grid, Post-its, paper
Key Stages: All

Activity 2: An introduction to LMI
Time: 30 – 45 mins
Resources: Included documents, online access
Key Stages:


Lesson Summary: (This appears as the introduction on the student version of this page)

The New Anglia area is currently the 13th largest sub-regional economy in England, contributing some £35.5bn to UK plc across agriculture, production, manufacturing and services.  It is also the 2nd largest predominantly rural economy, behind only neighbouring Cambridgeshire. If Norfolk and Suffolk were an EU member state, they would still have an economy larger than 16 other member states.

The local economy is growing faster than a number of ‘powerhouse’ areas, including Greater Manchester and Leeds, as well as established London growth corridors such as Hertfordshire and Coast to Capital. The local economy is also accelerating faster than the national average (excluding London). 

This lesson is about industries and sectors in Suffolk, as well as Labour Market Information (or LMI) which is data about the nature and operation of the labour market.

  • This lesson consists of two activities which you should work through with guidance from your teacher and any supporting documents provided
  • The Activities themselves are directly below in the Activities > Activity Documents section
  • Any further critical information or worksheets that you may need are included in the Lesson Resources > Supporting Documents section   
  • A selection of other resources are also included to help you expand your knowledge of the construction sector and the careers opportunities it offers
  • Don't forget that icanbea... has information about LMI and Industries / Sectors too


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