The UK has historically had a world-leading aviation industry - but is currently facing a deficit in young aviation professionals.

Sometimes our industry gives the impression that is aloof and unobtainable, a negative perception that we intend to challenge and change.

We need to ensure that everyone can see the pathways and opportunities to the industry as identifiable, accessible, and available to all. 

There are so many different opportunities and careers in the world of aviation which every single one of them are within reach and possible if you are guided in the right direction.

Did You Know?
Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson is an honorary RAF Group Captain. Dickinson was enrolled as a member of the 601 (County of London) Squadron in January 2020 in recognition of his long-term support of the RAF, which includes him flying a 747 Jumbo to bring pilots home from Afghanistan in 2008! Learning to fly in the 90s, the frontman has kept his hand in flying large aircraft, including for a commercial airline - and even piloted for his band mates during Maiden's 2016 tour in a Boeing 747-400. Now that's Heavy Metal!

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