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To become a qualified and capable aircraft maintenance engineer, you should ideally have a combination of academic qualifications and practical skills.

Aviation maintenance technicians work under deadlines to inspect and maintain aircraft in accordance with regulations and standards. It's the job of the aviation maintenance technician to ensure that the aircraft is in top working order and to then repair any problems before it leaves the ground.

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The International Aviation Academy Norwich (IAAN) boasts a full size operational 737 aeroplane in the Aviation Emulation Zone and 3 flight Simulators.

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International Aviation Academy - Norwich (IAAN)
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Discover The Right Aviation Career Pathway For You
KLM UK Engineering Limited
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KLM UK Engineering - Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M)
The MEL Group
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KLM UK Engineering Apprenticeship Programme
Closing Date:
31st January 2020
Norwich, Norfolk
Our programmes offer the opportunity to mix academic theory with practical hands on experience which offers the most effective route for development. KLM UK Engineering will support apprentices to gain qualifications relevant for their pathway & provide on th...
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Get a Head start with Talking Heads!
Find out what it's like to work for local employers in these video case-studies.
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BSc Professional Aviation Engineering Practice
This programme is designed for students who wish to pursue an engineering career in the Aviation industry. The programme will provide a combination of academic study and work practice at the International Aviation Academy Norwich (IAA) based at Norwich Interna...
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Aviation Engineering - Level 2
Developed in partnership with KLM UK Engineering this Level 2 Aviation Engineering programme provides students with the hand skills, engineering knowledge and behaviours for work required to progress into Aviation Level 3. This is a one year programme with del...
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KLM Video
KLM UK Engineering - Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M)
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