Job Description

Dancers use movement in an artistic way to express emotion and tell stories. They tend to specialise in a particular type of dance such as ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and salsa. For the most part dancing is all about practicing, rehearsing, exercising and learning choreographed moves, actually performing is only a small part of a dancer?s life. Salaries vary widely depending on whether you work freelance or are employed. Hours can be unsociable often working long daytime hours.

Entry Requirements

Training to become a dancer takes dedication and determination and you would need to start at a young age. There are many courses available at vocational dance colleges or at university. Dancers usually specialise in one genre such as ballet, jazz, street dance, contemporary dance, modern stage dance.

Required Skills

A high level of physical fitness and stamina, creativity and innovation, self discipline, excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to work as part of a team, the ability to master new moves to meet the demands of the performance, a determination to succeed.

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