Job Description

Signers make their living from performing professionally, either accompanying their own music, or working with and interpreting music authored by a song writer.

Singers can work solo or in small or very large groups depending on the project in question and their own skill-set and preferred genre. 

They use different vocal ranges such as alto, baritone or bass and mostly specialise in different styles such as jazz, rock, rap, country, grunge etc. They can be employed to sing the songs required in a productions such as a live theatre performance or in a film or TV show, or they could perform in clubs, bars and pubs, music venues, as entertainment on cruise ships or they could have their own solo, group or band career in the commercial music industry. 

Salaries vary widely depending on whether you work freelance or are employed. Hours can be unsociable - often working long daytime hours.

Entry Requirements

Qualifications are not seen as essential.

Much more is down to personal skill and experience demonstrated at auditions/interviews and in your previous gigs and works. There are courses, but you can also get singing/drama lessons and achieve grades to demonstrate you skills.

Specific requirements will vary based on whether you want to perform in the arts, the entertainment or the commercial music industries but for all you will need commitment and dedication to improving and promoting your work.

You'll often need a good level of musical ability on your chosen instrument or as a singer. It can help if you can read music but it’s not always essential.

Required Skills

  • a good singing voice
  • confidence
  • perseverance
  • willingness to practice for long periods of time
  • resilience

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