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The role of an Architect is to design different types of building and constructions as well as conserving and restoring those that are already there. Architects can make a real difference in society by designing uplifting buildings which look pleasing to the eye.

Architects will use their creative skills to create something which is attractive but also complements its surrounding whilst making sure that it is practical and fit for purpose.

Becoming an Architect could be your opportunity to leave a lasting impression on society, take at look at some of our most iconic buildings such as The Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The Tate Modern and The Shard, they have all been designed by Architects.

To become an Architect you will need a broad range of skills including the ability to visualise three dimensionally, creativity and a strong interest in buildings and construction with a keen sense of how construction technologies work.

Training to become an Architect takes many years of study and work experience but once qualified you can rise through the ranks and earn a high salary.

Did You Know?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one) was partially filmed in Lavenham. The Medieval buildings in Lavenham provided the perfect setting as Harry's childhood hometown of Godric's Hollow.

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Concertus - Design & Property Consultants
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West Street Vineyard Building Construction
R&D Construction Ltd
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James Quinton
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Trainee CAD Draftsperson CAMCAD Ltd
Lowestoft, Suffolk
Working full time you will be required to assist in the production of 2D CAD Drawings and 3D CAD Models. An interest in Computer Aided Design is essential.
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A great partnership
The Pines Primary School project team have been building on our growing partnership with West Suffolk College by inviting students to learn about careers on site.
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Receptionist / Office Administrator - Chaplin Farrant
Norwich, Norfolk
Working with the company Directors, office manager and Directors' PA, the successful candidate will provide full support to the office staff and teams.
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Apprenticeships and trainees
We understand that not everyone wants to go to University, and offer apprenticeships as an alternative route to becoming qualified in your chosen field.
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The Team
We believe that it is our team that makes Dayle Bayliss Construction Consultants stand out from other consultants. By developing the design approach with our clients the creative team ensure that each project is delivered with integrity and commercial reality...
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Trainee Sustainability Engineer
Ipswich, Suffolk
Trainee Sustainability Engineer, Concertus Design & Property Consultants.
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