As part of The UK's Armed Forces, the British Army helps to ensure the country's independence and security while protecting its interests domestically and overseas.

This could be acting independently or as part of a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) force - or any other multi-national deployment. Soldiers may also be deployed on UN (United Nations) operations and used to help in various emergencies or natural disasters.

Applying as either a regular recruit or for the stricter officer training programme, all soldiers receive the same basic training to ensure they can be part of an effective military force, but can then select a specialisation from over 200 army roles, as well as choosing to learn a trade or pursue additional qualifications.

Finally, if you like the idea of serving in the Army, but are not able to commit full time, you could become an Army Reserve, who train as, work with - and sometimes actually deploy with the regular army.


Joining the Army normally requires a minimum commitment of 4 years for people aged 18 and over, or - if you join when you are under 18 - until your 22nd birthday.

You must be prepared to work hard on all aspects of personal development and operate as part of a team, following orders and trusting in your superior officers as well the goals and command structure of the Army. You should be prepared for fact that your duties have the potential to put you in danger, including deployment to areas of unrest and combat zones.

In return for these commitments, the Army can offer you extensive training and personal development opportunities, a steady wage with options to for long-term careers, a pension, access to the latest equipment and technologies, opportunities to forge lifelong friendships and exciting global deployment opportunities that are hard to find in other careers.

For further information about Army careers, use the links in this section to the British Army Website and check back here for the latest news.

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Did You Know?
In 2005 the Ministry of Defence issued all soldiers in the British Army special anti-microbial underwear that could be worn up to 3 months at one time before washing! Yuk!

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