About the Commercial Marine Industry

The commercial sector of the marine industry consists of ship owners and operators, ship agencies, port operations, maritime legal services, marine insurance and shipbuilding and repair services.

The shipping aspect of the industry is known as the Merchant Navy and is made up of shipping companies who operate all different types of ships from tankers and container ships to cruise ships and ferries and many more specialised vessels.

There are three main operational departments on board ship. The deck department, the engineering department and the catering or hotel department, which provides the crew and any passengers with catering and domestic services.

The port of Felixstowe welcomes 3,000 ships each year, including the largest container vessels afloat today, it has around 30 shipping lines operating from the port which offer approximately 90 services to and from 400 ports around the world.

There are many different and interesting career paths that you can take within the industry and they are looking for young people to join. A good place to start is by visiting the Merchant Navy Training Board Careers at Sea website which will provide information on where to start and what options are available.

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The Port of Felixstowe welcomes over 3,000 ships each year. Ahoy there!

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ABP | Women in Maritime
Port of Felixstowe (Hutchinson Ports)
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Operational Training Administrator - Port of Felixstowe
Maritime UK
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Amelia Gould - Career pathway in STEM with BAE Systems (Maritime UK)
Maritime UK
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Case Studies of SSTG Deck Officer Trainees in the British Merchant NavyRead about the experiences of SSTG deck cadets as they progress through their training and enter into full service at sea. Many thanks to all of our cadets for submitting their personal acc...
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Train to be a Marine Engineer in the British merchant Navy - Caera's Story.
This Cadetship is a Golden Ticket, by Caera - Engineer Cadet I actually didn't originally want to be an Engineer!I actually didn't originally want to be an Engineer. I had intended to go on to Art School when leaving school. I have been in the youth organisat...
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A Career in the British Merchant Navy as an ET.O. Engineer-Arnold's Story
My time as an SSTG cadet was amazing and quite an experience. I received constant support and help from SSTG and my sponsoring company. This enabled me not only to learn a lot about the subject but also secure a job with a well known company. Arnold - SSTG ETO...
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Marine Engineer a Career in the British Merchant Navy- Stuart's Story
It's been a fantastic experience for meWe chat with Stuart Weir, Second Engineer Unlimited, about his training and career offshoreStuart was very candid when we explored what had inspired him to take up engineering as a career and for this to end up being aboa...
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A Career in the British Merchant Navy- Lewis's Story
On the Bridge at Sea around The WorldConversation with Lewis Wedderburn-Scott – Mate soon to be MasterLewis was interested from a young age in exploring the chance of working on ships and travelling around the world – and having successfully developed his care...
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Youth Photography Competition
This event has taken place
Event Date:
27th August 2021
As part of London International Shipping Week and the wider Maritime Careers and Outreach Programme, Maritime UK is organising a photography competition, encouraging children and young people to take another look at the world of maritime.
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