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How is it that the Internet is always there when you switch on your phone or computer? How does the dentist safely store and update your private records? How are businesses able process customer orders and financial transactions?

If you’re interested in knowing the answers to these questions, then you might consider a job in this sector. IT infrastructure takes the applications and services designed by programmers and securely delivers them to the people and organisations who need them. Behind the glossy looking websites and modern offices full of connected employees, exists a huge support structure of telecommunications hardware and network software that connects all the applications and services together, with an equally large range of work opportunities that enable it.

You could build and install computers for use in business or in the home, or provide website or storage hosting services for people who want to have a presence on the Internet. You could maintain and backup huge databases of information or manage the accounts and security permissions for thousands of users who log in to a network for various services. The options are many and varied, some of which you can learn about here!

Did You Know?
Scientists at the BT Labs in Martlesham built the first 140Mb/s single mode optical fibre link in 1984.

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