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With lots of concerns about climate change and the reliability of some sources of renewable energy we are still very reliant on nuclear power. Nuclear power produces about 19% of the UK’s power from 16 reactors around the country.

Careers in nuclear energy offer challenging but very rewarding work with competitive salaries and opportunities for progression.

There is also big business in decommissioning which is when the power plants are closed down to ensure they are safe when their lifetime is over.

Sizewell in Suffolk is the location of two separate nuclear power stations, the Magnox Sizewell A which is currently being decommissioned and has stopped producing electricity and the Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Sizewell B which is operated by EDF Energy and employs approx 520 full time staff plus over 250 full time contract partners. There are also plans to build a third nuclear power station at the site which will become Sizewell C.

In addition there are companies in this country that use nuclear power to drive things that you might not think of… such as submarines, so there are many interesting areas a career in this sector could take you!

Did You Know?
There are approximately 400 companies working in the offshore energy industry in the East of England.

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