About the Police Force  

Police forces work to reduce crime, working together with the public and aligned organisations to make a difference to local communities.  Policing can be a difficult and often unpredictable career, whilst also being extremely rewarding.

The role of a police officer is to investigate crime and support crime prevention helping make the communities that we live in a safer place to be.  Key roles include victim support and offering reassurance to individuals or witnesses who have been affected by crimes and anti-social behaviour.    Police Officers can often encounter stressful and volatile situations and may have to work long hours and shifts. Applicants therefore need to be physically and mentally fit to deal with the demands of police work.  The minimum age for applications is 18, you will need to either be a British citizen, an EU national, a commonwealth citizen or a foreign national (without restrictions on your stay in the UK), you must be able to pass any background or security checks and must declare any previous convictions.

Joining requirements for Police Officers can vary depending on the force you are applying to. (In this region, you should look at the Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies). Qualifications currently required are likely to be at level 3 and above - with some forces moving to degree level equivalents next year.    

For example, from 2020 the Suffolk Constabulary will accept:

  1. Graduates with a Degree in Professional Policing
  2. People with a level 6 qualification who complete a conversion route to the Degree in Professional Policing on joining
  3. Candidates for the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship.  (Apprenticeship candidates will need to already hold a level 3 qualification, as well as level 2 functional skills in Maths and English) 

Outside of the main career route, there are are other roles in the police force such as volunteering as Special Constable or paid roles such as Community Support Officer and administrative positions that offer interesting careers and have different entry requirements. Check your local constabulary for the full range of opportunities.

If you are looking for a rewarding but challenging career where you can make a difference to the lives of others, the police force could be for you. Follow the various links to find out what you would need to do to join and what options are available to you.

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Did You Know?
The first organised police force (The Metropolitan Police) was set up by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, which is where the name 'bobbies' came from (Bobby is short for Robert).

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