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Job Description

Head Teachers or Principals will run and lead their school. They will be responsible for the learning and achievements of both pupils and staff and will set expectations in line with governing bodies. They will make sure parents and pupils are informed about progress and encourage their support and involvement, select and develop staff, lead and attend meetings inside and outside school and control the schools finances. Basically head teachers are in control of all aspects of the whole school.

Entry Requirements

To become a head teacher you will first of all need to train as a teacher, you will therefore need to complete your Initial Teacher Education or Training (ITET) and gain qualified teacher status (QTS). This could be gained through university led training through an undergraduate degree or postgraduate award or it could be school led work based training.

Required Skills

  • Good managerial and decision making abilities
  • The ability to inspire others to learn
  • Open to change and new ideas
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A willingness to work with governors, parents and official bodies
  • Creativity
  • Confident public speaker
  • Good ICT skills
  • The confidence to challenge others and express your own ideas
  • A good team leader

Starting Salary

£44,000 to £46,000

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