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Chemical Engineering deals with life sciences (biology, microbiology and biochemistry), physical sciences (chemistry and physics) and mathematics.

Chemical Engineers convert raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms that we use every day. The sector falls into two subgroups;

Chemical Process Engineers: The design and manufacture of plants and machinery.

Chemical Product Engineers: Developing chemicals, foods, cleaning products and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Almost everything that is manufactured has had a chemical engineer look at it at some stage of the process. Are you ready for the responsibility?

Did You Know?
Chemical engineering solves problems that involve the production or use of chemicals

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Graduate Process Technician
Closing Date:
16th March 2019
£35,950 including shift premiums
Haverhill, Suffolk
An exciting role for an experienced Process Technician or suitable for a recent graduate Must hold a minimum of an HNC in Chemistry or Engineering Responsible for the site fuel system, washing material, sampling and transferring of material to site boiler Unde...
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Career Pathways
Making decisions about your future can be daunting. With so many options and so much information, the process of choosing your next move can be more than a little confusing. Perhaps you’d like to study a vocational course at college. Maybe you’d like to find o...
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Hethel, Norfolk
Hethel Innovation are looking to recruit a network co-ordinator into their small team who operate Innovation New Anglia; a project developing the emerging low carbon, smart and bio economies.
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Why work with British Sugar?
Why work with British Sugar? (video)
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Careers blog.
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About us
From our site in Norwich, Briar Chemicals services world-leading companies in the crop protection, fine and speciality chemical sectors, exporting our products across the globe. We offer our customers a world class custom manufacturing experience utilising a b...
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