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Have you ever thought about making an app or a website or had a great idea for tech solution? Perhaps you’ve had an idea for a piece of software that could really help people. If you have, then a career in Design, Software & Web could be for you.

This sector encompasses a range of digitally creative roles and technologies that deliver software products for use on computers, tablets and mobile phones, as well as in vehicles and in the latest machinery. The skills and interests required for this area are related to coding, web and app technologies and the design and formatting of digital information. 

Social media, apps, websites, computer programs for businesses, digital health services, military and educational systems, instructions for industrial machinery, robots, vehicles, aircraft and ships – as smart technology becomes more and more integrated into modern living, a career in this area is a way to get involved in multiple different job sectors.

Whether you want to be a web developer, software engineer or digital designer, this sector will let you use your planning, testing, mathematical, artistic and creative skills to deliver software that can make a difference to people, entertain the masses or power the businesses and machinery of the modern world. You can explore the future now! 

If you are slightly more drawn to the entertainment applications of software then you might want to explore Video Game Development instead.

Did You Know?
The World Wide Web (the top layer of the Internet that you're looking at right now) was invented by English computer scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

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Code Club
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What Does a Code Club look like?
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kwiboo Case Study: Mitsubishi Electric
Measured Brilliance
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Measured Brilliance - Hi.
Creative Computing Club
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Creative Computing Club BAFTA Young Game Designer Mentor Award Nomination BBC Look East
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Apprentice Social Care System Technician
Closing Date:
23rd October 2019
Norwich, Norfolk
Providing 1st/2nd line technical support for a new mobile working project for front line staff in Adult and Children's Social Care Services. You will be supporting individuals across the county to deliver a change in the way staff work enabled by new mobile te...
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Get a Head start with Talking Heads!
Find out what it's like to work for local employers in these video case-studies.
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Wire Frame Issue 22 now available - (Free videogame development magazine)
Issue 22: Meet the players who've turned developers. Wireframe magazine is published by Raspberry Pi Press, the publishing imprint of Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd.
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Video Game Development: First two-player coin-operated video game
Did You Know? The first two-player coin-operated video game is likely to be 'Galaxy Game' - a prototype arcade computer game developed at Stanford University in the USA. Students Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck conceived and built the machine at a cost of US$20,000...
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Wire Frame - free digital issues of the videogame development magazine
Wireframe magazine is published by Raspberry Pi Press, the publishing imprint of Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd.
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Apprenticeships and work experience at top companies—apply now!
A few amazing apprenticeship opportunities at top companies — earn while you learn!
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