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Digital services, software and entertainment products are everywhere, on phones and tablets, laptops, desktop computers in the home or office, televisions, ATMs, virtual assistants  - even some fridges!  We live in an age of the 'smart device'.  All of these devices require initial firmware, software and apps to operate, often then connecting to the internet for the latest updates - meaning that there is more potential for software developers to forge a programming career than ever before.  If you like solving real-world problems with logic, maths or digital design then this could be the area for you.

This sector encompasses a range of digitally creative roles and technologies that deliver software products for use on computers, tablets and mobile phones, as well as in vehicles and in the latest machinery. The skills and interests required for this area are related to coding, web and app technologies and the design and formatting of digital information. 

Social media, apps, websites, computer programs for businesses, digital health services, military and educational systems, instructions for industrial machinery, robots, vehicles, aircraft and ships – as smart technology becomes more and more integrated into modern living, a career in this area is a way to get involved in multiple different job sectors.

Whether you want to be a web developer, software engineer or digital designer, this sector will let you use your planning, testing, mathematical, artistic and creative skills to deliver software that can make a difference to people, entertain the masses or power the businesses and machinery of the modern world. You can explore the future now! 

If you are slightly more drawn to the entertainment applications of software then you might want to explore Video Game Development instead.

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The World Wide Web (the top layer of the Internet that you're looking at right now) was invented by English computer scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

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Creative Computing Club
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Matthew C. Applegate- BAFTA Young Game Designer Mentor Award Nomination.
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Netmatters Scion Coalition Scheme
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kwiboo Case Study: Mitsubishi Electric
University Technical College Norfolk (UTCN)
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UTCN Flythrough HD
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Wireframe Issue 62 - free videogame development magazine
If you are serious about getting into the games industry, you need to put the controller down every now and then and get up to speed on the latest design and production ideas, as well as practising your skills such as coding or digital graphics or 3D modelling...
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2022 Corporate Technology Apprenticeship Programme, Ipswich
Applications for this role are now closed
Closing Date:
29th April 2022
Enterprise Technology is responsible for providing IT (Information Technology) services to the whole company (the enterprise). We are recruiting for Technology Apprentices to work across two of our teams, the Cyber Security team and the Cloud team (Engineerin...
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Site availability 12th / 13th April
Please be aware that there is some scheduled site maintenance taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. This should not affect your access to our services but if you do experience issues, please wait until we have updated this info. Many thanks! If you....
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This event has taken place
Event Date:
8th April 2022
Go hands-on in our April Taster Days! Explore artificial intelligence, create Esports content, learn how green screens work, and see if Access Creative College is the right fit for you.
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Netmatters Scion Coalition Scheme (Video)
Have you always been interested in computers and technology? Are you the family member who is always called on to help fix printers, or install new software? Do you have a passion for coding or have dabbled in building your own websites? Or are you simply fasc...
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TechStart Programme March - April 2022 (16 to 25-years-old, not in education, employment or training)
The next course starts on March 3rd 2022, get signed up ASAP!!! If you are aged 16 to 25-years-old, not in education, employment or training and live in Suffolk. You could be eligible to attend free technology courses with the multi-award-winning Creative Comp...
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