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Are you passionate about sports? Would you like to turn your interest in sport into your career?

There are an amazing amount of opportunities in the sports industry that you could pursue. If you are talented enough, completely dedicated to your sport and are focused on training and improving, you may be able to become a sports professional but if that is a bit out of your reach, there is still a huge number of diverse job roles in the sports industry that you could think about.

What about sports journalism, business development manager, personal trainer, coach, sports psychologist, sports law, event management, sports therapist, marketing manager, security adviser the list is endless.

All of the larger clubs, organisations and stadiums need a whole team of people to keep them going, have you thought about the people who manage Wembley stadium or run its security, what about marketing for the numerous events at Newmarket racecourse or the people who design and manufacture the kits for Ipswich Town or Norwich City FC, what about the people who make goal posts or re-string tennis rackets not to mention all of administration and business development required.

Whatever your preference, a good starting place would be to become involved with a local club or school/college sports team or to volunteer, local clubs are often looking for helpers and this would also look good on your CV.

For further information about careers in sport and the options available, follow the various links below...

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Did You Know?
There are 54,250 tennis balls used during the Wimbledon Championship period and they all have to be stored at 20 degrees Celsius.

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