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Activity 1: Jobs in the sector
Time: 15 mins if brainstorming or 45 mins if creating a picture board/word cloud
Age group: Key Stage 3, 4
Gatsby Benchmark: 2
CDI Learning outcomes: 1, 4, 7

Activity 2 : Research Task
Time: 1 hour + time for presentation
Age group: From Year 8
Gatsby Benchmark: 2
CDI Learning Outcomes: 3, 4, 5, 7, 14

Activity 3: Event Challenge
2-3 hours (as part of a drop -down day, over 3 lessons) as a minimum. This could be extended by holding a careers ‘speed dating’ session with representatives from the Public Services sector.
Age group:
all ages
Gatsby Benchmark
2, 4(Geography, Business Studies, English, maths) 5
CDI Learning outcomes:
3, 5, 6, 12, 15

Resources & Outcomes: See the 'Teacher Notes for Activities 1-3' document


Lesson Summary: (This appears as the introduction on the student version of this page)

This sector is wider than traditional ‘Public Services’ and, in addition to the emergency services and local authority, it includes those working in the voluntary sector and those in service industries such as hospitality, tourism and health and social care.

Over 75% of those in employment in Suffolk work in the ‘Services Sector’.

The NHS as a whole is the single biggest employer in England, offering over 350 different careers from entry level to highly skilled. Currently there is a shortage of social workers, occupational therapists and clinical specialists.

Local Authorities are also large local employers with a diverse range of job roles and opportunities for progression. This sector has many opportunities for Apprenticeships, interns and graduate schemes one example of this is the Local Authority ‘Rising High in Suffolk’ but other services have their own programmes.

Companies in this sector operating across Suffolk are:

NHS, Primary Healthcare, Police, Fire Service, Inspire Suffolk, Lofty Heights, Community Action Suffolk, Spider Web Recruitment, ConnectEB, Care Careers Suffolk, Careers Circus, Leading Lives, The Hotel Folk, Local Authorities (i.e. Suffolk County Council), Connecting Communities, National Citizen Service, Vertas

  • This lesson consists of three activities which you should work through with guidance from your teacher and any supporting documents provided
  • The Activities themselves are directly below in the Activities > Activity Documents section
  • Any further critical information or worksheets that you may need are included in the Lesson Resources > Supporting Documents section   
  • A selection of other resources are also included to help you expand your knowledge of the construction sector and the careers opportunities it offers
  • Don't forget that icanbea... has information about the Public Services sector and the local organisations that operate within it


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