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New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

New Anglia Lep, Centrum, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7UG

About Us

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership works with businesses, local authority partners and education institutions to drive growth and enterprise in Norfolk and Suffolk.

We are transforming the economy by securing funds from government to help businesses grow, through the delivery of ambitious programmes to ensure that businesses have the funding, support, skills, and infrastructure needed to flourish and ensuring that the voice of our business community is heard, loud and clear.

The Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk sets out our ambitions to grow our economy, create 88,000 new jobs and 30,000 successful new businesses.

We achieve economic growth by securing public and private investment and delivering a range of programmes and initiatives with partners to improve infrastructure, skills and business support.

Our Board

New Anglia LEP's Board is business-led. The Board is comprised of talented and highly committed leaders from the private sector, public sector and education. Their role is to guide and advise the executive team to ensure razor sharp focus on activities to help grow jobs and remove the barriers to growth, for business.

The Board is required to approve the LEP’s significant and strategic decisions, including annual budget and business plans and the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan. It also retains overall responsibility for risk and performance.

Our Board members give their time voluntarily to support the LEP.

The LEP Board is also the decision-making body for areas covered by its Sub boards and committees. Any delegation of decision making by these boards must be agreed by the LEP board.

Boosting Skills for Young People

Youth Pledge – Our Youth Pledge states that every young person in Norfolk and Suffolk will get the support they need to get into education, training, an apprenticeship or a job within three months of leaving education or employment. Find out more about the Youth Pledge and how your business can get involved. If your business is already offering work opportunities, please share your involvement to help us showcase the great efforts, support and activity in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The New Anglia Enterprise Adviser Network – The New Anglia Enterprise Adviser Network connects senior, local business leaders with senior leaders in local schools and colleges, helping to motivate and inspire young people, to make a major impact on their work prospects. 

Norwich Opportunity Area – We are pleased to be a partner in the Norwich Opportunity Area initiative with the Department for Education. 

Find out more

Follow us here for the latest news and use the links provided to our website for further information.

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