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Electrical Engineers are involved with everything to do with electricity – from installing and maintaining equipment in houses, businesses and within communities, to making sure we’re up to date with the latest ways of generating and distributing electricity, and have the latest technologies, such as mobile phone signal and gadgets!

You might be the kind of person who wants to help people directly, by installing or fixing equipment directly in houses, or travelling around keeping the electricity grid running or you may prefer working in a lab on the latest technology. Whatever you’re into, this sector has it!

Why not start your career pathway now by starting your research here?!

Did You Know?
The Wireless Power Lab at Imperial College London is engaged in research that will enable devices to be charged or powered at a distance without the need of a power cord or a battery. Use the Force, Luke!

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Delstar Engineering Ltd (TAIT)
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"King Kong" scene with pre-visualisation and overlay of Stage Technologies trolley
What is it like to be an apprentice?
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Automotive wiring harness termination
UK Power Networks
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UK Power Networks: Delivering your energy
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Pre-Register for our Apprenticeship : BAE Systems
If you would like to be the first to know when our roles re-open in November 2020, please complete the ‘pre-registration’ form.
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Vattenfall - inspiring the next generation: Joanna's story (video)
Joanna a student at UTCN in Norwich first met the Vattenfall team when she participated in a wind energy skills and education programme linked to the Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm projects.
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Winners! MIA Business Excellence Awards
The extremely prestigious event took place during Autosport week on the 9th January 2020. It played host to more than 500 guests, to recognise outstanding achievements within the motorsport industry.The event which was sponsored by AP Racing kicked off with gu...
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Get a Head start with Talking Heads!
Find out what it's like to work for local employers in these video case-studies.
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East of England Offshore Wind Skills Centre at East Coast College
We are currently running our last Level 2 Diploma course in the Skills Deal from the New Anglia LEP. Over the year we have trained 60 participants and given 7 candidates a taster week in the Global Wind Offshore (GWO) Certificates. Also 8 students have comme...
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