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Renewable Energy is the energy of the future, it is energy that comes from resources that are naturally renewed such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

There are many people involved in this industry from the people that design and engineer the most efficient ways of generating and transporting energy to the people that install and maintain installations such as wind turbines and solar farms. The offshore wind farms in the East of England provide many opportunities but there are also opportunities in hydro, solar and bio power.

Low carbon energy production is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK and worldwide. In the next ten years, it is estimated that the value of offshore wind will reach £75 billion and 70,000 jobs will be created. Suffolk is certain to benefit from the expansion in the energy sector. This means developing associated supply chains, movement of materials through ports and logistics, innovations in advanced manufacturing and technology to link wind farms to power grids.

Suffolk is also developing a specialist skills base to take advantage of the new jobs emerging in the East Anglian energy industries. Plans are being drawn up for an energy training centre in the Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth area and existing training providers are developing specialist courses.

This sector has one of the highest growth potentials meaning there really is no better time to get into the renewable energy business!

What else is there? Well there are many other options from marine biologists to project engineers as well as sales assistants to sell equipment such as solar panels and even geo-scientists who examine the sea bed to make sure it is suitable to build turbines.

There are lots of niches that you won’t have heard about – find out more here!

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Did You Know?
Norfolk and Suffolk have the potential to benefit more than any other area in England from growth in offshore wind jobs, with an additional 6,150 full time well-paid skilled jobs by 2032 (+600 per cent growth).

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Apprentice Mechatronics Maintenance Technician / Apprentice Engineering Technician in Mechatronics
Closing Date:
22nd July 2024
Above National Minimum Wage
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Sheringham Shoal Offshore Windfarm and Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm are both looking to recruit an apprenticeship placement. By working in the Renewables (REN) Business area in Equinor, you will have an opportunity to observe, learn, and understand the end-to-end...
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Offshore wind careers in the East of England
Did you know? Offshore wind careers in the East of England are experiencing significant growth, fuelled by extensive wind farm projects in the North Sea. This dynamic sector offers diverse opportunities, including roles in engineering, project management, env...
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Green Futures in Offshore Wind, Solar and Hydrogen
Large scale energy projects here in the East of England are creating an increased demand for professionals with clean and renewable energy technical skillsets, planning, project management and engineering - for both the construction phase and beyond to day-to-...
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Spring/Summer 2024 issue of the Equinor Norfolk Newsletter
Equinor’s application to build and operate the Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon Extension Projects (SEP and DEP) was approved by Claire Coutinho MP, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, on 17th April 2024. Once constructed, SEP and DEP will double...
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FREE university and apprenticeships guides for parents and bonus STEM guide
Access your FREE university and apprenticeships guides for parents and bonus STEM guide now.
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Offshore Wind is Creating New Careers in East Anglia (Incl. videos)
Powering Your Future! - How Offshore Wind is Creating New Careers in East Anglia. Hear about the talented people working across the OffshoreWind sector.
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