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Visitor attractions are a key part of the tourism industry, there are many visitor attractions in the UK including museums, theme parks, country parks, historic properties, galleries and many more. Jobs are available for full-time, part-time and seasonal staff in a variety of different roles.

To work in this sector you will need to be motivated and passionate as well as having strong communication and interpersonal skills which will allow you to work successfully with colleagues, temporary staff and volunteers as well as dealing with the thousands of visitors you’ll come into contact with.

Volunteering would be a great place to start, this shows that you are keen, willing and committed and looks good on your CV!

Visit East Anglia is a website that encourages people to come to East Anglia for a holiday, so has information on many of the attractions in the region! Take a look at their website for further information.

Did You Know?
Our region has the UK's only wetland National Park - The Broads.

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