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Farms across East Anglia are often the starting point for food that ends up in shopping baskets and on plates across the country.

Farming and food is a major sector in the region with East Anglia being classed as Britain's breadbasket. The climate, landscape and soil here is ideal for growing wheat, barley, sugar beet, potatoes and many other crops. Our rural economy accounts for 12% of all England’s cereal production, 20% of the UK’s vegetables, 20% of its potatoes and 50% of its sugar beet, but its not just about cereals and crops

Our region also produces 25% of the UK pig herd and 20% of the poultry. Laying hens produce about 107 million eggs per year and about a quarter of chicken for the table comes from our region.

The Farming and Food sector is what keeps us all fed – from fruit and vegetables to meat – it’s all about producing and growing food in a way that ensures there is enough for everyone and that it’s affordable.

Research is also a large part of the farming and food sector, it is essential to create the best conditions possible and invent new ways of doing things that makes food production quicker and more reliable.

With all of this happening, the sector is a significant employer in East Anglia with more than 39,000 people working directly in farming and many more indirectly in areas such as livestock feed, research and development and engineering. Follow the various links on this page for further information about what you could do.

Did You Know?
Suffolk has its own breed of horse: the Suffolk Punch.

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Adnams plc
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Adnams Brewing Process
Ben Burgess
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Service Technician Apprentice
British Sugar
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Apprentice Promo - British Sugar
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Field Worker
East Anglia
We have full and part time field worker positions available from May until October each year.
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Heritage Farm Volunteer Role
Closing Date:
27th March 2020
n/a - Volunteer position
Stowmarket, Suffolk
The museum is looking for people to help run our brand new Heritage Farm, the farm will be opening to the public in May/June 2019 but we need a hand getting everything ready as well as looking after the area once it has opened.
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Get a Head start with Talking Heads!
Find out what it's like to work for local employers in these video case-studies.
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A career as a Farm Business Administrator
Farm secretary, agricultural business administrator, rural business administrator: whatever the label it’s a fantastic job. With the ever-changing dynamics of agriculture, the need for trained and experienced farm administrators has never been greater.
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Careers in Agriculture - Technology
This film is one in a collection of films about careers in agriculture financed by the Felix Thornley Cobbold Agricultural Trust http://www.felixcobboldtrust.org.uk The films were made by Green Shoots Productions https://www.green-shoots.org
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Grants may be awarded in six categories of activity.
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