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Farming and food is a major sector in the region with East Anglia being home to some of the most significant food and drink companies in Europe including Adnams, British Sugar, Greene King, Colman's (Unilever) and Muntons.

The sector is becoming increasingly hi-tech and there will be thousands of exciting opportunities available to young people with the right skill set with much of the current workforce due to retire over the next few years.

A career in this sector could mean researching in-field phenotyping, precision farming, crop breeding, plant immunity investigation or it could mean developing tractors, combines or sprayers that can drive themselves, or how about developing a crop sensor that knows how much fertilizer a plant needs based on the amount of light reflected back to the sensor.

The John Innes Centre and Quadram Institute are based at Norwich Research and are world leaders in food and plant science which means many opportunities for those interested in STEM.  Take a look at the Biotech industry for further details.

Other specialisms in our region include sugar, malt, the production and processing of poultry and pork, cider and fruit wines, beer, chocolate, soft drinks, potatoes and much more.

With all of this happening, the sector is a significant employer in East Anglia and is looking for more people to join it.

Follow the various links on this page for further information about what you could do.

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