Financial Advisers operate under highly regulated Financial Services legislation and are professionally qualified to provide specialist knowledge to clients who want advice on managing their own finances.

Some 3.2 million adults in the UK received financial advice on investments 12 months prior to a government report in July 2017.   

Some advisers or Financial Planners cover a whole range of products and services including insurance and savings, whilst others may concentrate on selling pension schemes to other organisations (for their employees) or providing investment information or pensions and mortgage advice to individual private clients.

Working in this sector requires Professional Qualifications and adherence to specific regulatory legislation - combined with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the market to enable you to advise customers on the schemes and products that fit their financial position.

Whilst Professional Qualifications are need to progress, many organisations now look at other relevant experience and apprenticeship options when recruiting new starters, and look to assisting employees in obtaining the relevant qualifications required.

Did You Know?
Financial Planners or Advisers are sometimes called 'Wealth Managers'

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