About the Oil and Gas Industry

Can you imagine a life without luxuries and necessities?

Electricity, transport, manufacturing… It’s hard to think of anything that doesn’t rely on energy.

Our energy needs are largely supplied by oil and gas, despite this, and it being a really highly paid sector, there isn’t enough people training to join the industry, meaning there is no better time to get involved than now!

That’s where you come in!

There are many different career areas in this sector from exploration and production through to refining and marketing. The exploration and production area is the starting point and will include looking for and surveying areas to find new oil and gas fields before deciding if they are viable for extraction and production. Once extracted the refining and marketing area focuses on transforming the raw material into a saleable product.

There are a broad range of job roles available in this sector and many companies in the Suffolk and Norfolk regions.

Great Yarmouth has been the centre of the Southern North Sea production of oil and gas for more than 50 years, including as a leading centre for installing and servicing Southern North Sea gas platforms. This expertise means the town is ideally positioned to lead the decommissioning sector. In addition, over on the North Norfolk coast, the Bacton Gas Terminal supplies over 30% of the country’s gas and links the UK with supplies from across Europe.

Suffolk is at the forefront of low carbon energy production with many new and established companies working in offshore wind, oil and gas, nuclear and biomass industries, and making a major contribution to the UK’s power supply. According to recent figures, future growth in the county could be up to 1000 potential jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Have a look at the various links and videos to see what takes your interest and what you need to do to get there.

Did You Know?
There are approximately 400 companies working in the offshore energy industry in the East of England.

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Seajacks Meerwind Project
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National Living Wages Applies
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Assisting in administrative duties, based within the Human Resources Department. In addition supervising the Companies Reception facilities, greeting clients, customers and visitors and associated duties. 40 hours per week
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Oil and Gas Technical Apprenticeship Programme
Closing Date:
16th February 2018
The Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme (formerly the UK Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Technician Training Scheme) is recognised as one of the most successful apprenticeship schemes of its kind.
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Joining EDF Energy on one of our exciting Apprenticeship programmes
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Energise Your Future
Students studying GCSE, AS/A‐Level, City & Guilds and BTEC subjects can attend the event which along with exhibitors, includes speakers who aim to paint a clear picture as to what’s to come for the energy industry within the region and what this means for the...
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Our strength is our team. We make the most of our employees’ skills and help them progress throughout their career with us.
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Picture yourself in a rewarding career where you'll make a real difference
Picture yourself in a rewarding career where you'll make a real difference...
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